Hulk Bad Altitude

Hulk Bad Altitude 1.0

Smash as many enemies as possible without touching the floor
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Make aimed jumps and have Hulk stomp as many as people as possible without reaching the ground. Landing on an enemy propels you back into the air, but you must use your mouse to aim your landing.

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most loved characters of the Marvel Universe. Having exposed himself to Gamma-rays, Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk whenever he's angry. The game takes advantage of one of the most characteristic traits of the character: he can make high jumps stomp on anything that comes in his way. You need to charge The Hulk's jumping power by increasing his rage level. You can do this by holding your mouse's left button. Once the character has reached the required rage level, you release the button to make him jump. Also, you need to aim his jump and landing by moving the mouse around. The goal of the game is to make The Hulk hit as many enemies as possible before falling onto the floor. Every time he hits an enemy, the resulting explosion propels him higher, increasing his chances of hitting more enemies.

You can play the game in one of two modes: Arcade, where you have one minute to hit as many enemies as possible, and Challenge, where you have only one chance to achieve a high score. Despite being a simple game, it is very fun and entertaining. The installation wizard asks you to install a toolbar and to change your browser's homepage to that of HiGames, but you can decline to do so and still have the game installed in your system.

Victor Hernandez
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